Solis Energy is one of the leading brands in Scotland when it comes to the supply of resources and materials for solar panel installation. The company is known as a prominent outdoor power solutions supplier, who provide high-end, quality products. With over ten years’ experience, they have grown a reputation as one of the leading brands in the industry. Solis is committed to developing advanced, dependable products that provide both us and our customers with flexible solutions for installing renewable energy solutions. They offer renewable energy solutions for both commercial and domestic locations.

Three Solis Energy medium blue solar panels tapered over a blue circle background.

Solar Power Plant Information

The Solis Solar Power Plant is described as practical, clean and off-grid. This Solar product can offer immediate results with reliable solar-generated electricity to your low-wattage applications, no matter where or when. The Solar Power Plant is perfect for remote solar panel installation where trenching is considered impractical or too costly. It is also perfect for areas which are prone to volatile weather conditions. This product comes with a whole host of different features, including:

  • Remote Wireless Networking and Communications
  • Security Applications (such as Perimeter Surveillance and Access Control)
  • Smart Grid and Metering Infrastructure
  • Telemetry Equipment
  • And More!

The Reasons to Choose the Solar Power Plant


Like all Solis products, the Solar Power Plant is something that is built to last. It is able to power your applications in even the harshest weather and extreme temperatures. This product has been proven to work in many different environments, such as deserts, wetlands and mountains.


The Solar Power Plant from Solis is manufactured to the highest of quality. Everything included with the product (Panels, Components, Battery Enclosures) are all held to the highest standard. This ensures a long product life, no matter what the conditions are.


Solis recognise that everyone will have different needs from their renewable energy solutions. This is why the Solar Power Plant can be tailored to your needs (based on load and sun hours of your location). Options can include 12, 24, 48 VDC, power over Ethernet or inverter supplied AC.

The Benefits of Using Solis Energy Products

Resilient Products

All the products that are supplied by Solis Energy are known to be able to endure the toughest weather conditions. Their products currently are spread across multiple continents, dealing with varying climates – both mild and harsh. This means that you can be safe in the knowledge that any Solis products installed by Solar Panels Scotland will be able to endure the unforgiving Scottish weather. These products will last for a long time.  We know how important it is for your investment in green energy to be profitable whether it is for commercial or domestic purposes.

Rich in Variety

Solis Energy can provide a vast array of products for your renewable energy needs. Their products include solar generators, outdoor battery backup systems, and a suite of power management components including PoE injectors, DC to DC converters and remote monitoring equipment.

Safety Tested

All the products supplied by Solis Energy have been tested in the field. This ensures that they are truly reliable and cost-effective. This aligns with our aims at Solar Panels Scotland. As we want to offer you affordable, dependable renewable energy solutions.

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