Enclosures for Solar Panel products by Solis Energy

Solis Energy are a distinguished outdoor power solutions supplier. They provide quality, high-end products. Solis Energy are one of the main brands that we use at Solar Panels Scotland to supply us with resources and materials for the installation of solar panels in Scotland. They have over ten years’ experience in the industry. Solis Energy are a company that is committed to developing advanced and dependable products that provide us and our customers with flexible solutions for installing renewable energy solutions, for both commercial and domestic locations.

Enclosures Information

Solis Energy’s Enclosures are described as rugged, strong and durable. This product is ideal for housing batteries and electronics. Solis’s Enclosures provide NEMA 3R protection against falling dirt, rain, sleet and snow. The industrial grade Enclosures are made from heavy gauge aluminium with a continuous stainless steel hinge and stainless steel locking hardware. Solis Energy’s white powder coat provides improved thermal protection and gives the product a sleek, aesthetically pleasing look. This product can also come in stainless steel, whilst also being available in a range of different sizes – in order to fit your needs.

Why to Choose the Solis Energy Enclosure


All of the products supplied by Solis Energy are built to last. Their products have been designed to withstand even the harshest of weather conditions and the most extreme of temperatures. This can be particularly helpful when dealing with the unpredictable Scottish climate.


One word that constantly comes up when describing Solis products is dependable. The Solis Enclosure is built to the highest possible standard. It goes through testing to ensure that it can withstand different environments. When you are buying the Enclosure, you can be safe in the knowledge that it won’t let you down.


This solar panel installation product can come in all different shapes and sizes to fit your needs. There is a whole range of enclosures with different specifications. So Solis will have the product for you, no matter what your needs are. It also comes with the option to be stainless steel rather than aluminium.

The Benefits of Using Solis Energy Products

Resilient Products

All of Solis Energy’s products are known for their ability to be able to endure even the toughest of weather conditions. Their products are used across multiple continents, and provide renewable energy solutions in varying climates – both mild and harsh. Each Solis product that is installed by Solar Panels Scotland will be able to withstand the unforgiving Scottish weather conditions and last through many seasons. Here at Solar Panels Scotland, we understand how important it is to you that your green energy investment is a profitable one. Whether that be domestic or commercially focused.

Rich in Variety

Solis Energy’s product range is both large and diverse. This includes their range of solar generators and outdoor backup battery systems. They also offer a suite of power management components including PoE injectors, DC to DC converters and remote monitoring equipment.

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Safety Tested

All of the products supplied to us by Solis Energy have been tested in the field. This ensures that you are receiving a product that is both reliable and cost-effective. These aspects are important to us at Solar Panels Scotland. This is because it then allows us to offer affordable, dependable renewable energy solutions to all of our customers.

Choose Solar Panels Scotland as Your Installer

Solar Panels Scotland pride ourselves on being high-end solar panel installers in Scotland. Thanks to our years of experience, expert training and collaboration with high-end manufacturers, we have guaranteed a supreme service every time. AS well as having the skill to install solar PV panels safely on any type of roof layout, we only use high quality materials to ensure your solar panels last for decades. In order for Solar Panels Scotland to supply this level of service, we source our products from only the elite supply companies such as Solis Energy. For more information on a solar panel installation, contact us today.

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