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Solis Energy Solar Panels Installed by Solar Panels Scotland

Solis Energy is a prominent outdoor power solutions supplier, providing high-end, quality products. Solis Energy is one of the main brands we rely on to supply our resources and materials for the installation of solar panels in Scotland. With over ten years in the trade, Solis Energy is a company that has committed to developing advanced, dependable products that provide us and our customer’s with flexible solutions for installing renewable energy technologies, for both domestic and commercial locations.

Benefits of Using Solis Energy Products

Resilient Products

All products supplied by Solis Energy are known to endure the toughest weather conditions and are currently used on multiple continents with varying climates both mild and harsh. This means that the Solis solar panels installed by Solar Panels Scotland will remain resilient against the unforgiving Scottish weather and last through many seasons. We know how important it is for your investment in green energy to be profitable whether it is for commercial or domestic purposes.

Rich in Variety

Solis Energy provide a vast array of products including solar generators, outdoor battery backup systems, and a suite of power management components including PoE injectors, DC to DC converters, and remote monitoring equipment.

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    Safety Tested

    All of the products supplied by Solis Energy have been tested in the field therefore are truly reliable, plus they are cost-effective. All of these aspects are important to Solar Panels Scotland as it allows us to offer affordable, dependable renewable energy solutions for our customers.

    Our Mission at Solar Panels Scotland

    Solar Panels Scotland aims to install safe, efficient and long lasting green solutions for customers both domestic and commercial. Investing in renewable energy is more important than ever before as we try to reduce the amount of non-renewable energy being burned and slow down the effects of climate change. Relying on solar power for your energy source will give you peace of mind in the event of a traditional energy shortage, but also can reduce your carbon footprint and save you money on utility bills. You can rely on Solar Panels Scotland to provide an expert service and the installation of high quality, safe products. If you are looking for solar panel installers in Scotland contact Solar Panels Scotland now.

    Why Choose Solar Panels Scotland to Install Your Solis Solar Panel Products

    We install solar panels throughout the whole of Scotland and are ready to take on any project, domestic, commercial, large or small. Our expertise in installing solar PV panels for all kinds of buildings means are capable of implementing flexible layouts. To get started on your solar panel installation project contact us today.

    Solis Energy Solar Panels Case Studies

    At Solar Panels Scotland we only install products of the highest quality from certified suppliers who we know can supply us with innovative and durable equipment. By doing so we can guarantee the very best service for our customers. Solis Energy products are implemented in diverse projects, across several different markets including transportation, telecommunication, government markets, and industrial automation and control. Therefore we know that all supplies from Solis Energy are reliable and built to last. Below is a list of examples of Solis solar PV panels in use across varied projects.

    Solis Energy Provide Continuous Power to Surveillance Cameras

    A large scale solar farm in California required 24 hour security surveillance to monitor millions of solar panels. They could not afford any failure in power. Solis Energy Power Plants are able to provide uninterrupted power continuously, to over 200 security cameras covering 9.5 square miles.

    Solis Solar Panels Provide Continuous Power to a Smart Water Meter System

    A utilities company installed a smart meter to increase efficiency, lower costs, save energy and water as well as improve customer service. However using the power grid to run the smart water system was extremely expensive. Plus the utilities company wanted to find a power source that couldn’t be affected or interrupted by a natural disaster. Solis Energy were able to customize a Solar Power Plant that is uninterruptable and provides continuous power to run the smart water meter system.

    As you can see Solis Energy not only supply hardware to build solar panels but also offer innovative solutions for green, uninterrupted energy across various industries. Working with Solis Energy allows Solar Panels Scotland to utilise this forward thinking technology to your project.

    Choose Solar Panels Scotland as your Installer

    We pride ourselves in being high end solar panel installers in Scotland. Thanks to our expert training, years of experience and collaboration with high-end manufacturers we guarantee a supreme service every time. As well as having the skill to install solar PV panels safely on any type of roof layout, we use only high quality materials to ensure your solar panels last for decades. In order for Solar Panels Scotland to supply this level of service we source our products with only the elite supply companies including Solis Energy. To get more information on solar panel installation contact us today.

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